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I have lost all my registration details for a product I licensed before. What can I do now?


After purchase, every customer receives a registration email from Totalidea Software, which includes all required information regarding the unlocking procedure of the licensed software. Such registration details are an important document - actually it is every customer's investment and therefore the registration details should be handled carefully.

Totalidea Software does not re-send registration emails that have been lost, no matter if they have been lost by hardware failure, virus infections, or any other circumstance which is out of the control of Totalidea Software. Every customer is responsible for his/her registration details. Totalidea Software does expect that every customer creates a secure backup of the registration details on an external media (CD Rom, floppy disc or similar).

Totalidea Software offers a 'Registration Protection Service', which can be ordered with any Totalidea Software product order. We do strongly recommend to order the 'Registration Protection Service' in order to receive a backup copy of your registration details in case of data loss. Protect your investment against unexpected data loss - we keep a back-up copy of your license files in case of loss!

We cannot re-issue new registration details in case of data loss if no 'Registration Protection Service' service has been ordered along with the initial software license order.

>> You have not ordered a 'Registration Protection Service' and need your registration details.

Please connect to this site to apply for a new registration email.

>> You have ordered a 'Registration Protection Service' and need your registration details.

Contact us along with your full name, email address, and the Purchase ID of your previous purchase, and we will send you a new registration email within 24 hours.

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